Invitation: Comment Swiss Olympic’s concept of sustainable procurement

In an action-oriented research project we developed a “political CSR” concept of sustainable procurement for Swiss Olympic. This organization is the governing body of Swiss sports organizations. It has 82 sport associations and 22.000 sports clubs as a member.

The political CSR approach was proposed by two management scholars (Guido Palazzo & Andreas Scherer). It follows a Habermasian, i.e. discursive, approach, according to which the best arguments shall decide upon the strategy. At Swiss Olympic we adopted this approach in the following way: We recently invited major stakeholders to comment our concept. We will then consider the suggestions and make transparent all comments we received. If Swiss Olympic rejects suggestions, we also make the reasons for the rejection transparent.

This is the last call for participating in the discourse. If you want to participate, please download the concept and guidelines here and send me an email with your comments until next week. Please keep the comments very specific, and, if possible, support your arguments with scientific evidence.

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