Sustainable clothing roadmap & studies

The British Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs (DEFRA) has been piloting “sustainable product roadmaps” since 2007. The Sustainable Clothing Roadmap is a voluntary clothing industry initiative co-ordinated by Defra to improve the environmental and ethical performance of clothing. The aim is to work with industry stakeholders to fast track best practice through: (1) Establishing sound evidence on key impacts (in the LCA of clothing) and where action will be most effective – it also examined consumption trends; (2) Agreeing on actions (short to long term) in priority areas (individual organisations and industry wide); (3) Providing a platform to disseminate industry best practice as case studies to catalyse change throughout the sector.

I just came across the website and found that the various studies (although a bit older) conducted during the project might be worth while to look at.

In addition, the website refers to a DIFD-fund called “RAGS”: Responsible Clothing and Garment Fund. Here, NGOs working on various sustainability issues in low income countries can apply for grants between 25.000 and 250.000 Pounds.

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