The CIR-Aldi conflict continues…

After Aldi threatened to process against CIR if the NGO continued to spread a persiflage about the discounter (I reported), CIR and the CCC apparently today have a special supplement on discounters in the German Tageszeitung today. After the conflict, I would certainly like to read it, but I doubt that you can buy the Tageszeitung in Zurich. Does someone know an online link?

2 Comments on “The CIR-Aldi conflict continues…”

  1. Wow! I posted a link to this blog on the Aldi North page, but it was erased after about 1.5 seconds … The only entry on its profile is “The greatest grocery store known to man!”, but only 53 persons of the more than 3000 followers like this.

  2. Christopher Schmidt says:

    Hier der Link zu der besagten Beilage in der taz:

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