ISO 26000 launched

This is just a quick post that ISO launched its ISO 26000 standard on November, 1st. Today, the ISO-website was offline half the day,  but now is back online… The two figures give an schematic overview of the new ISO guideline.

Googling for ISO 26000 did not spit out many published viewpoints on ISO 26000. However, here is some of the critique: The Austrian “Network Social Responsibility” criticize it for being a guideline and not a norm. They argue that the guidelines are too broadly defined and can be interpreted in too many ways. Companies could still pick and choose their responsibility. In particular, it is feared that the ISO standard can be misused to legitimize poor CSR practices. On Glocalist you find another short report on the guideline. Here is an interview with Prof. Wieland, who participated in the development of the guidelines. Here you find the position of IISD, who participated a lot in the development of ISO 26000. More information surely follows…

One Comment on “ISO 26000 launched”

  1. […] I have read several blogs and tweets today about this new guidance (see both Mark Starmann’s post and David Connor’s post on WordPress).  A few thoughts come to mind based on conversations […]

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