How bad are bananas?

I’ve just come across the book “How bad are bananas?” by Mike Berners-Lee. Hm, strange topic for my blog on ethical fashion?!

The book is a guide into the carbon-footprint of almost everything:
10 grams: a text message, an email, …
10 – 100 g: a banana,…
100 g – 1 kg: a newspaper, a letter, a pint of beer,…
1 – 10 kg: a load of laundry, 1kg of tomatoes, a paperback book,…
10 – 100 kg: a pair of shoes, 1 kg of cheese, using a mobile phone…
100 kg – 1 ton: x-mas excess, a computer and using it, …
> 1 mill tonnes: a volcano, the world cup …

Yesterday the guardian green-living blog cited from this blog in the entry “The carbon footprint of a load of laundry”: “Washing and drying a load every two days creates around 440kg of CO2e each year, which is equivalent to flying from London to Glasgow and back with 15-mile taxi rides to and from the airports.”

Here are some hard facts from the blog:

0.6 kg CO2e washed at 30°C, dried on the line,
0.7 kg CO2e washed at 40°C, dried on the line,
2.4 kg CO2e washed at 40°C, tumble-dried in a vented dryer,
3.3 kg CO2e washed at 60°C, dried in a combined washer-dryer

The conclusion of many of the 80 commentators to ban tumble-driers does not seem a bad idea.

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