Mapping strikes in China

Do you want to know more about strikes in China? Chinastrikes offers an interesting website, where you can submit details about strikes in China, which will then be mapped. The size of the circles indicates the number of submitted strikes.

The purpose of the website is designated as:

to track strikes, protests and other collective actions by Chinese workers to defend their rights and interests.  We hope that over time the site will serve as a resource to those wishing to better understand and support the labor movement in China.

The website looks like a good idea, but so far, many reports are “unverified”. I also did not find, who is behind the page, but it offers an address at Columbia University. More information about the ones behind the website could improve its credibility.

One Comment on “Mapping strikes in China”

  1. Thanks for highlighting our website. The project is unaffiliated with any institution. It took us a little while to decide what would constitute a “verified” report. Below is our definition of verification (just posted on the website):

    “Reports are ‘verified’ when they a) come from a reliable source, such as an NGO that has produced many accurate reports or a major Chinese or foreign news outlet or b) when we can find more than one report of an incident.”

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