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Last week, the eco fashion fair took place for the third time, parallel to the Fashion Week in Berlin. I was not there, but here is a collection of reports from newspapers and blogs:

  • There are two interesting comments in English by Pamela Ravasio on Shirame (Day 1 and Day 2).
  • Die Zeit portrayed Magdalena Schaffrin, who was a pioneer in eco fashion in Germany.
  • Kirsten Brodde was fascinated by vegan fashion, but not convinced of it.
  • The former German “Minister for consumer protection” and patron of the fair, Renate Künast, gave an interview to the Tagesspiegel in which she explains that eco fashion must become more visible (e.g. in as visible as organic food in supermarkets). She fancies a label that combines social and ecological issues.
  • The German TAZ writes that we have only achieved some kind of sustainability in fashion, if we get the fashion element out of it, e.g. by promoting “slow” fashion. In average, Germans consume 12 kg of fashion per year, which seems little sustainable. Hence, the author demands that clothing must have a value as such and tell stories.
  • Even the German tabloid Bild reported about the Green showroom, surpised to find that eco can be glamorous …

Finally, Deutsche Welle TV produced a short comment on

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