Chick & cheap: Do we need clothing from Asia?

Yesterday (25.1. @ 21.45) the local German TV station “Hessischer Rundfunk” had a 45 minutes discussion headed “Chick & cheap: Do we need clothing from China, India, Bangladesh?” Four people were invited: the owner of Trigema (who produce in Germany), an Otto representative (who mainly produce in Asia), a journalist from the German women magazine “Brigitte” and the journalist, who researched the “KiK story”. You find more information here.

Although I think that the title is little helpful to the debate, although the “discussion round” is too biased (I am missing a worker and industry representative from India/China/Bangladesh), and although I haven’t seen the discussion, I recommend to watch the discussion, as there are not so many TV discussions about the topic. You can streamline the discussion during the next 6 days here. I am happy, if you give me your feedback on the discussion.

But what I find particularly sad about the HR website is the possibility to “vote” regarding the question: “Do we need clothing from China, India and Bangladesh? – you can answer “Yes” or “No” … Dear HR: Is this supposed to be high quality journalism? What kind of results do you expect or wish to achieve with such a (rhetoric) question regarding such a complex topic? How should the people interpret a result saying that, e.g., 80% voted for “Yes”? Maybe we would like to be informed about a “, because …”. This poll has “BILD”-“quality”: it is totally useless and, worse so, it results in misinformation or even manipulation of the readers. I am disappointed about this kind of publicly-funded journalism. Why don’t you rather open an audience-discussion about the TV discussion on your website.

One Comment on “Chick & cheap: Do we need clothing from Asia?”

  1. Im so sorry I don´t speak german..I would love to follow that tv programm. Thanks a lot for your work in this field…from Argentina…. slowly starting to work on the education of business men and consumers about the ethical fashion mega-main-theme.


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