ITC Standards Map

Yesterday the International Trade Centre (ITC) launched an online tool called “standards map“, which explains itself as:

“the web-based portal of ITC’s Trade for Sustainable Development (T4SD) programme and a partnership-based effort to enhance transparency on voluntary standards and to increase opportunities for sustainable production and trade.”

The tool is connected to a database of private standards. At the moment it provides information on 30 private standards, including a link to a research database on the private standards initiatives, which sounds interesting (FLA or the FWF are not yet in the list).

The tool is free for people from developing countries, while institutional membership from developed countries costs 900$ (testing it for one week is free of charge).

3 Comments on “ITC Standards Map”

  1. Hannah-Jane Taskis says:

    Interesting – great piece, thanks for sharing – how will it compare (for the UK users) to the Ethical Company Organisation’s The Good Shopping Guide, I wonder? Other than, the GSG is for consumers, rather than industry professionals? Or have I just answered my own question?

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