Über Lebenskunst in Berlin

Über Lebenskunst is an initiative for culture and sustainability trying to define: What is “good living” given the global ecological crisis?

This question, which is relevant for everyone no matter what social group they belong to, is the central thematic focus of ÜBER LEBENSKUNST (the art of living), an initiative project of the Federal Cultural Foundation in cooperation with the Haus der Kulturen der Welt.

In August (17/8-20/8) there will be a festival in Berlin with “101 hours of conferences, workshops, installations, performances, concerts, films, excursions, discussions and readings“. The initiative also invited some famous guests to the festival, e.g. Arjun Appadurai (USA), Nnimmo Bassey (Nigeria), Tim Jackson (GB), Juliet Schor (USA), Vandana Shiva (India), who will explore the following questions together with festival visitors and other experts:

“What makes us truly happy and how do we get there? How will we live sustainably in a post-fossil society? What has to happen for us to achieve this? Whose responsibility is it, who makes the decisions and who will be involved? Do we bear responsibility for the rest of the world? When will we start?”

Check out the project “Mein Lieblingsteil” in the “Über Lebenskunst” initiative, for which I wrote some background texts.

This project wants to make aware of fast fashion an the problems connected to it. It offers clothing exchange parties and at the festival solutions, likek a re-design workshop, or a cotton paper workshop, i.e., the production of fibre from paper.

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