Please comment: Article on “CSR and complexity”

What how can Adidas’ responsibility for working conditions in their supply chain be morally justified?

I am writing a comment for the Swiss Philosophical Joural “Analyse und Kritik” on an article by Sonja Dänzer “A Moral Argument grounding Multinational Companies’ Responsibility for Working Conditions in their Supply Chains” . Both articles will be published soon. Dänzer develops a moral justification that MNEs are responsible for working conditions in their supply chains. In my comment on the article, I argue that attributing responsibility might be more complex. You should be able to understand my article without reading Dänzers’ article.

I very much welcome feedback and critique on my article: “Corporate responsibility in global production networks and complexity” to followethicalfashion (at) gmail.

2 Comments on “Please comment: Article on “CSR and complexity””

  1. noor says:

    It seems to me that CSR priorities may vary based on geographic locations and therefore it is “complex”. For example in less developed countries after the economic responsibilities, equal priorities should be given to both legal and ethical responsibilities because these are very weak in the poor countries but often the MNCs miss out on the ethical part …Welcome to visit my site “” and pls leave your comment.

    • Thanks Noor, As a geographer, I surely agree with you that geographical locations are very important in this regard. Regarding CSR priorities, I therefore argue that different actors thoughout the supply chain have to participate in determining which CSR priorities a company should look at. This would be a more “political” CSR, which integrates the opinion of people that are affected by business operations.

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