Been There! Done It! Not sure I’ve earned the t-shirt!

I am just reading Lucy Siegle’s “To die for”. On page 43 she explains ‘sweatshop’ working conditions. She reports about the ‘virtual factory standard’, which allows workers to take 15 Minutes for a pair of five-pocket jeans. To explain what that means, she refers to an interesting experiment of the Northumbria School of Design.

A team of 60 first year students set up a typical production line of a factory for producing T-shirts. While the standard factory allows the workers 48,5 seconds for sewing each sideseam, the students were allowed 1 min 55 sec ….

After 7,5 hours the students produced 95 T-Shirts. The daily target in a factory in Bangladesh with the same line load is 900.

Siegle writes: “… these guinea pigs aren’t exposed to conditions that can include being punched in the face for attending meetings, having their documents and permits taken from them, being denied access to a foetid toilet unteil their bladders are about to burst, being sexually assaulted or forced to have abortions…

HERE you find the video they produced.

BBC 3 produced a similar idea “Blood, Sweat and T-shirts

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