Misquoted by “Der Standard”

I just read that some days ago the Austrian newspaper “Der Standard” published an article “Bessere Mode” about the sustainable fashion industry, in which Mr. Hilpold mainly refers to quotes from presentations of the Beyond Fashion Summit.

Unfortunately Mr. Hilpold seemed to have totally misunderstood me. He indirectly quotes me saying that a sustainable production would lead to a maximum increase in retail prices of 5%. This is, of course, total nonsense, which I have never uttered in my life. All I said was that calculations of the FLO/FWF and experience of Alta Gracia show that the retail price only increases by 1-20%, when living wages are introduced … You can also read this on my slides.

I hope that the Standard corrects this. THANK YOU.


One Comment on “Misquoted by “Der Standard””

  1. That went quick. The Standard corrected the mistake within minutes. Thanks.

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