If you love your baby, buy second hand or organic

The German consumer magazine Ökotest recently tested 20 baby pyjamas between 5 and 55 Euros in order to understand how toxic they are to your babies. Among these were three GOTS zertified pyjamas. Ökotest specializes on ecological issues, unlike the consumer magazine Stiftung Warentest.

The test resulted in 10 pyjamas (including those from DM, H&M, C&A, Schiesser) totally failing (“ungenügend” – i.e. score 1 out of 6), 1 “mangelhaft” (score 2 out of 5) – basically: KEEP YOUR FINGERS OFF. Two scored 3 of 6 and seven were tested as “good – i.e. 5 of 6”, including the 3 GOTS certified ones. Interestingly, also ÖkoTex 100 certified pyjamas resulted in the worst mark “ungenügend”. As you can imagine, the prints turned out as particularly problematic, as the H&M spiderman pyjama shows … Here is a screenshot from the magazine:

Basically, if you love your child, you should buy organic cotton and ignore prints – or, even better, buy second hand, maybe without prints.

And if you want to detox your babies in a more sustainable way, support the current Greenpeace campaign.

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