Ethical Fashion Digest November 2011

This is my second digest of interesting news, articles etc. within the last few weeks. Sorry that I don’t sum them up, but that would be too much. Read whatever sounds interesting.

By the way: Would you prefer to have this digest once a week, every second week or monthly? Thanks for your replies.

Newspapers & Journals

12/2011: The Atlantic: How Walmart Is Changing China.

28.10. Ökotest: Kinderschlafanzüge Druckfehler:

05.11. Berliner Zeitung Magazin. Kambodscha. Die Geschichte einer Näherin:

13.11. The Guardian: Puma aiming to produce compostable trainers and T-shirts. German sportswear manufacturer working on designs for shoes and clothing that can be buried at the bottom of the garden:

16.11. Handelsblatt: PPR-Luxus-Marken auf den Öko-Spuren von Puma:

16.11. Economic Times (India): GAP, Walmart, C&A, H&M warn their Indian suppliers against textile mills that involve child & bonded-labour:

19.11. The Hindu: Opinion » Columns » Harsh Mander  Barefoot – An unfinished agenda – on child labour in India:

23.11. Manager Magazin: Nachhaltigkeit bei Adidas. “Schwachstellen gibt es immer”. Interview with H. Henke:

24.11. The Guardian: Howlers and omissions exposed in world of corporate social responsibility. Study points to slapdash fact- and figure-checking in companies


1.11. Guardian Green Living Blog: Has campaigning for an ethical fashion industry had any impact? Progress might be slow, and a sweat-free high street is still a long way off, but it’s not all doom and gloom:

7.11. Textile Exchange Blog: If you want to address Climate Change make your cotton Organic:

11.11.: Peter Williams on ETI Blog: Certification is a blunt tool for implementing workers’ rights.:

23.11. Frau Jona&son Blog: Charle Vögele in Schwierigkeiten- Es ist Zeit für die Revolution!

Studies, reports

16.11. GfK Studie: GfK Global Green Index – Wie grün ist der Verbraucher wirklich?

09.11. SustainAbililty: Signed, Sealed … Delivered? Behind Certification and Beyond Labels.

Call for Papers

Call for Papers: Corporate Social Responsibility and Irresponsibility. Corporate Social Responsibility and Irresponsibility. Call for Papers for Journal of Business Research  (JBR) special issue. Deadline: January 15, 2012.


Dezember 2011: »CSR – Gesellschaftliche Verantwortung im internationalen Dialog«. 15.&16.12. Berlin.

June 2012: 2012 EBEN Research Conference. Welcome to the website for the 2012 EBEN research conference. ‘Accountability, transparency, sustainability’. Thursday 7th to Saturday 9th June, 2012. Newcastle University Business School, England

July 2012: Call for Conference Papers: The Changing Role of Business in Global Society. European Group of Organization Studies. EGOS Colloquium, Helsinki, Finland, July 5–7, 2012

Oktober 2012: 5th International Conference on Corporate Social Responsibility. October 4-6, 2012. Berlin. (no CfP yet)


Burckhardt, Gisela (Ed.): Mythos CSR – Unternehmensverantwortung und Regulierungslücken.

Magnus Boström; Mikael Klintman (2011): Eco-Standards, Product Labelling and Green Consumerism . Palgrave Macmillan , 09/2011. 272 Seiten.

Busch, Lawrence (2011). Standards. Recipes for reality. MIT Press, Cambridge. 390 Seiten.

2 Comments on “Ethical Fashion Digest November 2011”

  1. Hi Mark, thanks for posting this. Regular monthly updates would be great, very useful!

  2. max says:

    this news volume – and therefore monthly – is good in my eyes.
    i opt for 2nd-weekly updates if time shows that monthly becomes more than this.. otherwise it could become ‘too much’ to digest at a time..!?
    but anyhow: thanks

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