Ethical Fashion Digest 12. Dezember 2011

For the last 14 days, I was on some cotton fields in Malawi and didn’t have time to blog. Here are some news of these last days.

My favourite news is actually an ad – Patagonia’s excellent “buy less” ad in the NYT on November, 25th:

October / November 2011

3.10.2011: HBR Network Blog: Patagonia’s “Buy Less” Campaign May Lead to More Revenue:

26.11. BBC News: Who, What, Why: How could Reebok sell trainers for $1?

30.11.2011. Triple Pundit: Patagonia’s Black Friday Message: Don’t Buy This Jacket:

December 2011

1.12.2011: AP: Workers mass at Shanghai factory in latest unrest:

2.12.2011: Reuters: Hundreds strike at Singapore-owned plant in China:

4.12.2011: The Observer: Revealed: true cost of the Christmas toys we buy from China’s factories:

6.12.2011: The Guardian Blog: We need a sustainability movement to make ‘green living’ the norm

6.12.2011: British High Commission New Delhi: New training scheme promises to bring benefits to both garment exporters and garment workers

6.12.2011: Ecotextiles: China ponders green manufacturing tax

8.12.2011: The Guardian Blog: Talk point: could less choice be better for the consumer?

8.12.2011: AFP: Hundreds strike in latest China labour protest

8.12.2011: China Daily: End begging for wages

9.12.2011: Bundespreis Ecodesign: Erstmalige Vergabe durch Bundesumweltministerium und Umweltbundesamt in 2012:

11.12.2011: Handelsblatt: Puma will Produktion in Afrika ausbauen:

12.12.2011: Strike continues at south China factory:

One Comment on “Ethical Fashion Digest 12. Dezember 2011”

  1. 52wellingtonweeks says:

    Love this! Pure genius. Patagonia encourages their customers to be part of a movement and an advocator rather than just a consumer. This is similar to the TOMS ethos.
    It’s game changing. The message that sustainability and fair trade corporate practices should be the norm and not a ‘fad’ might one day get through to other companies.
    I’d like to live to see that day that this won’t even be a talking point – that it’s just business as usual.

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