NETZWERK FAIRE MODE knowledge moves to

You have surely noticed that I have stopped posting on this wordpress blog.

We are not gone. We have just moved to:

Out new platform GET CHANGED! The Fair Fashion Network just launched a business platform that helps retailers to more easily find fair fashion. These are some screenshots:


GET CHANGED! Screenshot

We established our GET CHANGED! business platform in collaboration with Messe Frankfurt (Ethical Fashion Show Berlin & Green Showroom) and BSD Consulting. And in April we will launch the GET CHANGED! consumer platform.

If you are a retailer, you can register to the existing business platform for free.

If you are a brand, you can upload your profile to this platform, if you fulfil our sustainability criteria. Please ask us for details (

If you are a consumer: We will soon expand the GET CHANGED! platform to a consumer platform, which will then help consumers find fair fashion in their town & online. We start with the main German speaking markets (Germany, Austria, Switzerland), but are likely to bring the platform to other markets. If you are interested in a collaboration, please inquire.

Finally, the information you found on this blog has moved to our magazine on the GET CHANGED! website. This magazine continues what I did here – i.e. providing information about fashion and sustainability. Also the Newsletter Fashion & Sustainability, which we posted in 2012 on this blog, became part of our new magazine. It is now called Medienschau/Wochenschau

For all, who email-subscribed to this starmanns1.wordpress blog: We transferred your subscription to our bi-weekly GET CHANGED! Newsletter. Even if you do are not able to read German: look for the Medienschau/Wochenschau Link in the newsletter. It provides you with news clipping in German and English. If you don’t like it, you can unsubscribe from it at the bottom of the mail (you should get the first newsletter this week).

Thank you for being with us!

Best wishes!



2 Comments on “NETZWERK FAIRE MODE knowledge moves to”

  1. Rachel Hearson says:

    Will I still receive blog posts from you or do I need to log in independently

    And is Get Changed in German

    Many thanks

    Rachel Hearson │ Account Manager – Major Retailer Accounts
    Direct: +44 (0)20 7440 8589

    • Hi Rachel
      We transferred your email to the newsletter of the new page
      The newsletter will be in German, but you will be able to identify the “Medienschau” with the links to the articles, which are also in English.
      I send out the newsletter today, so you can see whether you understand it.
      Best, mark

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