A project by Continental Clothing Co. in collaboration with BSD Consulting and the Fair Fashion NetworkScreenshot 2016-01-20 09.42.45

The FAIR SHARE project aims to deliver a living wage for the garment workers at a manufacturing factory in India that makes clothes for Continental Clothing. In 2015, research was undertaken to understand how living wages can be paid, and in January 2016 Continental Clothing has started the payment of a FAIR SHARE living wage premium which will be shared amongst the entire workforce of the factory. Continental Clothing intends to upscale the FAIR SHARE project in order to eventually pay a living wage to all workers in their own supply chain. To disseminate the learnings from the project, this report describes how Continental Clothing conducted the project together with BSD Consulting and the Fair Fashion Network and discusses challenges that were met.
We have written two reports on the project. One short report by Continental Clothing, focussing on the new scheme and one longer background report, describing the project and putting it into a broader context. More info here!
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