Cowspiracy: don’t watch it, if you do not want to turn vegan!


I have just finished watching the documentary „Cowspiracy“, and it made me decided to become a „pragmatic“ vegan. It is one of the greatest documentaries that I have seen (and I have seen a lot) – because it gives a compelling answer to the questions: what actually matters and how can we have impact on the increasing degradation of the planet?

Why / how did Cowspiracy made me go vegan? Five points:

1.Cowspiracy convincingly and powerfully ILLUSTRATES with simple examples that by stopping to eat meat & dairy products, we solve various problems at the same time, like climate change, hunger, destruction of nature ….

Look for yourself:

2. The move absolutely convincingly argues that compared to any other single and simple act of TRYING to reduce your own environmental impact (like trying not to fly, trying to waste less energy, trying to print less, trying to save water in the house, trying to only buy organic cotton) – trying not to eat meat and dairy products simply has much much more impact. If you watch the movie, it is simply a no brainer.

3. If I really care for my kids, the planet, vulnerable people etc. – sometimes I think I do – the movie convincingly argues that it doesn’t make sense to go on eating meat and dairy products.

4. You can’t call yourself an environmentalist and eat meat. Period.

5. It is so easy to do it and actually have an impact. Just do it!


Why „pragmactic“ vegan?

I don’t eat meat since more than 20 years, since I read a book that argued that eating meat increases your environmental footprint by factor 7-9. But I love cheese! That’s why I did not stop eating cheese, although it is certainly connected. And I have always regarded vegans as too dogmatic and didn’t really care about reducing my milk consumption, although milk is not really good for my stomach.

Now I will try the pragmatic way of reducing 80% of my dairy consumption and maybe keeping up a little something. Impact-wise I should have done enough for a start.

Definitely: Just watch the move!

Here you can support the makers and pay and watch it:

Here you can watch it:




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    who is “i” — if someone writes a personal statement than it would be nice to know who that person is..

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